Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How often should I have my website re-designed?

How often should I have my website re-designed?

Firstly lets address the bias here... this is a digital agency asking the question, it's like Evian telling us that drinking more water is essential. But this is a question that I am asked fairly routinely. (Just to clarify, when using the term re-design, I mean a complete creative process resulting in a new look website but not necessarily a new company identity/logo).

So how can that question be answered because it's certainly not an answer that should be given in years. Why not? Because the requirements and expectations of visitors to your website can change unexpectedly and the services you offer or your business process may force a new approach that needs to be communicated. On those occasions, you can't wait 2 or 3 years, a fluid view has to be considered.

Lets take a look at a few key indicators that will dictate when change is required: 

  • Design trends 
  • Technology 
  • Keeping up with competition 
  • User expectations 

Design trends 

Yes they are called trends for a reason, they change frequently. Now some business types will be more affected by trends than others. Take for example the comparison between a couple of market sectors that Swimming Hippo deliver to, Hospitality and Manufacturing. Hotel websites are bound to be more affected by trends than say a traditional engineer company because user expectations demand it - larger images, more information about room layout, reviews, videos, social media, booking facilities... etc., etc. But a traditional engineering company that delivers to a specialist market sector may not be swayed so much by design trends as focus on providing technical data could be the main requirement here. But that does not mean that such a company will escape from technical expectations.


There's simply no avoiding the effects of progressive technology, April's blog post discussing the increased urgency in making sure that your website is smart phone friendly highlights one example of this. If technology changes, then you need to make certain that your website is updated to cope with the advancement, if you don't then you are isolating visitors rather that inviting them.

Keeping up with competition 

You are not alone! If somebody searches for your website address, company name or especially the service or product you deliver they will obviously be presented with many alternatives. If the websites available are better designed, easier to navigate or mobile friendly in contrast to your website, a potential client or even an existing may be more inclined to use a competitors.

User expectations 

So the answer to that question, how often should I have my website re-designed? When the experience you want your target audience or that they are expecting is not delivered. Is that happening now?

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