Tuesday, 14 April 2015

So exactly what is Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon is the term being used to describe Armageddon for none friendly mobile websites. On Thursday 26th February 2015, Google announced that it would be changing the mobile search algorithm.  

How will it affect your your website? Well it means that organic results (the 10 blue links listed) when a search is requested will alter depending upon if your website is mobile friendly or not. If your website is not mobile friendly, then you will find that from April 21st 2015 it is not as high in 'the search engine pecking order' as Alan Sugar liked to describe it on The Apprentice. 

This change has been described by Search engine Journal as, "arguably one of Googles biggest updates in search history." Not something to be ignored. 

What you need to do to stop your website being affected by this algorithm? The answer to that question is quite simple - use responsive coding so that the formatting of your website changes depending upon the screen resolution of the device being used to access your website. So, for example it a potential client views your website on a smart phone then a responsive design will change font sizes, layout and menus to enhance the user experience. 

Here's a few examples of websites Swimming Hippo have developed using responsive design: 

Is your website going to be affected by Googles algorithm update? Take a look at the Mobile friendly test site:

If the results from this test are not positive, Swimming Hippo can help get your website Mobile Friendly and not only overcome this Google update, but also provide a better user experience for the potentially 50% of your existing visitors. 

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