Friday, 1 April 2011

Selecting the right Digital Marketing Agency

Online marketing has become a bit of a jungle, making it very difficult to select the right digital marketing agency to work with.

Take the claims on guaranteed page one results as an example. Of course any SEO (search engine optimization) agency can get you on page 1 of Google, but for which terms? Gaining page 1 results for you business name should be a given and it is also reasonably straight forward to produce good results on specific product names.

But ask yourself, is anybody searching for these terms?

The first stage of any good Search Engine Optimization campaign should be the identification of search terms using software that generates a search term research report - taking a deeper look into terms that relate specifically to products and services that your business offers and reviewing how much traffic is being generated and how high the competition is for these terms.

This is only one area of a digital marketing campaign to consider, once search terms have generated, then a strategic digital marketing plan should be considered including web page optimization, link-building and an inclusion of social media tools.

Any company that is serious about it's online marketing needs to consider regular content and the source of that content. How will you feed all these online PR tools with content? Will you generate enough in-house news articles to Tweet each day? What kind of information should be blogged or added to your Facebook page? How do you encourage followers?

Swimming Hippo Digital specialize in helping companies with all these skills.

Okay, so it's easy for anyone to say they are good, but how about a few recent search engine optimization results to prove it?

If you are looking to include Social Media or Search Engine Optimization in your marketing mix, or just want to have a discussion with a company has the a successful track record in digital marketing, call 01386 764747 or email


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