Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tweet, Like and +1 to encourage business

Connecting with customers plays an important part in keeping your business thriving. As a company with an online presence, you have a multitude of options available in achieving this, including email marketing, pay per click advertising or social media.

Social media is a term referring to users interacting and sharing content from around the web. If a user is interested in your website for example, then they may share your web address with a friend. Social media itself can present itself in many forms – blogging, social networking websites, podcasts and social bookmarking to name a few.

Creating content that your clients will be interested in is a great way to build brand awareness. Social media makes it easy for people to share this content with their colleagues. From a business point of view, content such as news articles, offers and events are great place to start.

Creating this content is all well and good; however you need to be actively promoting it too. The best way to do this is to create profiles across different social media platforms. Choosing the right platforms for your business can be tricky, so here’s a rundown of the top 4 which we feel are ideal places to start:


If you asked someone to give you an example of social media, they are likely to respond with Facebook. As the biggest and fastest growing social networking website on the internet, Facebook encourages users to connect with each other, share and ‘like’ content. By ‘liking’ content, users can show their appreciation for content (such as images and video) or a product, brand or company. The more ‘likes’ your page has the larger your reach.


Twitter is the biggest ‘microblogging’ website on the web, allowing users to send and share short posts (140 characters only) about absolutely anything - from what they are doing right now, the discussion of a topic, images, videos and promoting services. By encouraging followers, you can increase your reach and target audience.


A business targeted social networking website, allowing businesses to promote services using advertising, employee profiles, and job adverts. The site encourages you to endorse people you have worked with, as well as promote and share business news.

Google+ (Google Plus)

As it becomes a core element to Google’s search results, Google+ allows you to create personal profile page or business pages to promote and share stories across the web. By entering in company details, the site will promote your business in search results with extra features such as authoring content and adding detailed information to Google map results.

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